A Better Way to Background Check for Texas Schools

Introducing Texas School Background Checks powered by BIB

BIB has multiple options for screening, including our new platform, which we created specifically for Texas schools to help you screen employees and volunteers better!

Background screening doesn't need to be complicated. With Texas School Background Checks, it isn't.

Screening As Big As Texas

Step 1: Your Applicant Applies

Your potential employees and volunteers enter their own data and authorize the background check online. No paper, no waste.

If you want to control who applies, we can include a required pin number.

Paperless data entry saves time

Step 2: We Background Check

BIB performs the background check. Typical turnaround is 48 hours or less.

We run a background check

Step 3: You Review the Results

You review the results online. We can even help facilitate approvals by automatically passing applicants with clean backgrounds—you only need to review those with serious offenses.

Review the results

Step 4: Notifications

We notify your approved applicants. We also handle the FCRA requirements for denied applicants, allowing them to dispute results directly with us.

We handle approval and denial notifications

About the Screen

What does a Texas School Background Check include?

Texas Schools Background Checks by BIB consist of all these elements:

  1. Address History Trace [AHT]:
    This is a report revealing various names, DOBs and addresses associated with a specific Social Security number. We use AKAs found here to run additional searches.
  2. Texas DPS:
    A database search of the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  3. BIB's Criminal Record Database:
    A database search of over 450 million criminal records regularly collected from thousands of court sources. Includes National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) and the Security Watch List. All hits found here are verified at the court of record.
  4. AKAs:
    These can include maiden names, nicknames and aliases.
  5. Monitoring:
    One year of on-going, automated monitoring of your employees and volunteers against any new arrests found in DPS or registries on the NSOR.
  6. Compliance:
    Any denied applicants will receive all legally required notifications, including directions on how they can dispute report inaccuracies directly with BIB.
More About the Screen

Texas Schools Background Checks by BIB is easier and more comprehensive than a standard DPS check. It can also expand your scope beyond the FBI database.

  • Verification of hits means more complete and up-to-date data
  • Much more than just a Texas search
  • Includes all sex offender registry sources
  • Checks AKAs
  • No paper—all online!
  • Manages who has been screened and when

Price per screen: $4.95

We also offer self-pay: your teachers and volunteers can pay the $5 for the screen themselves, which means you can use Texas School Background Checks at ZERO cost to your district. There's no setup fees, membership fees or minimums.

Additional Options

This search package is available through our integration with Applitrack. BIB is also capable of integrating with any applicant tracking system (ATS) you currently use.

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